What Is the Fastest Way to Detox Your Whole Body, and How Long Does It Take?

What Is the Fastest Way to Detox Your Whole Body, and How Long Does It Take?

How to detox

As already established, your body is constantly detoxifying itself. Most of the toxins are removed through sweat, urine, liver, and feces.

You can make a few changes to your lifestyle and dietary habits to assist your body’s natural detoxification process. However, keep in mind that there’s no quick fix. Your body will detoxify itself at its own pace. 

You can only help facilitate the process if you: 

Drink plenty of water 

Water has a lot of roles in your body. It helps digestion, lubricates joints, regulates body temperature, and improves skin condition. The body cells are constantly working throughout the day, and most of their reactions need water. 

All these reactions and processes produce waste as a byproduct. The waste is commonly in the form of carbon dioxide and urea. If these waste products accumulate in your body, they can pollute the blood. 

Water helps transport waste products from your cells to the sites of excretion, such as the skin and the digestive system. Thus, it allows your body to remove toxins through urination and sweating.  

Get enough sleep 

Getting quality sleep for an adequate period is essential for your overall health. When you sleep, your brain recharges itself. It also removes toxic waste that has gathered in your body throughout the body. 

A common waste product that accumulates in your body is beta-amyloid. It is a protein that is involved in Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, if you do not get enough sleep, your body does not get adequate time to remove toxins. 

Thus, such toxins build up in your body and impact your overall health. 

Lower sugar intake 

Processed foods and high sugar intake are two of the most prominent reasons for many health problems today. A high intake of sugar and processed foods is associated with chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart illnesses. It is also linked to obesity. 

These diseases lower your body’s ability to detoxify itself. For example, if you drink too many sugary beverages, it can lead to fatty liver. This condition affects your liver’s functioning, slowing down the body’s natural detoxification process. 

Therefore, you should limit your processed food consumption. Also, reduce your sugar intake by removing junk food from your diet. Instead of junk food, eat healthy vegetables or fruits and nutritious snacks, such as dried fruits or nuts. 

Eat probiotic-rich foods 

Your gut should be healthy for your body to detoxify itself properly. The cells in your intestines have an excretion system to remove harmful toxins from the body. They also have a detoxification system to rid the body of toxic chemicals. 

Probiotics are essential for gut health. Probiotics are a type of fiber that good bacteria in your body eat. When good bacteria receive their nutrition, they can do their job properly. They produce short-chain fatty acids, which are good for your health. 

If you have a poor diet or dental hygiene, the amount and performance of good bacteria in your gut can suffer. As a result, your immune system also gets weaker, leading to a higher risk of inflammation and diseases. Probiotics compensate for this loss and create a balance of good bacteria for efficient detoxification. 

Some foods rich in probiotics include bananas, garlic, oats, artichokes, and asparagus. You should include these foods in your diet to ensure your body’s good bacteria flourish. 

Exercise regularly 

You should not only exercise to lose weight or remain fit. Exercising also helps in your body’s natural detoxification process. 

Excessive inflammation is one of the root causes of many diseases. It also weakens your immune system, reducing your body’s detoxification ability. 

Conversely, regular exercise reduces inflammation and strengthens your immune system. You should try to exercise moderately for at least 150 to 300 minutes per week.