What Is a Good Height for a Man?

What Is a Good Height for a Man?

What Is a Good Height for a Man

Learn about ideal heights for men by body weight and according to general surveys

The average for males is considered to be 5.8 feet or 177 cm. Factors that may influence your height include the following:

DNA: Your genetic make-up influences your height, growth plates, and hormones.

Hormones: Your pituitary gland produces growth hormones, and your thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones, all of which direct growth plates to make new bones.

Sex: Males are normally taller than females. However, girls have a growth spurt far sooner than males, usually about the age of 12.5 years.

Table: Ideal height for men according to body weight
Body weight Ideal height
117 to 143 lbs 5’4”
122 to 150 lbs 5’5”
128 to 156 lbs 5’6”
133 to 163 lbs 5’7”
139 to 169 lbs 5’8”
144 to 176 lbs 5’9”
149 to 183 lbs 5’10”
155 to 189 lbs 5’11”
160 to 196 lbs 6’0”
166 to 202 lbs 6’1”
171 to 209 lbs 6’2”
176 to 216 lbs 6’3”
182 to 222 lbs 6’4”

What is the most attractive height for men?

Surveys of women on their height preferences for the opposite sex confirm that women generally tend to prefer taller men. However, height preferences vary greatly from person to person.

Average man

  • Prefers women who are about 5’6”
  • Considers 4’11” or shorter too short and 6’0” or taller too tall

Average woman

  • Prefers men who are about 5’11”
  • Considers 5’4” or shorter is too short and over 6’3” is too tall

Ideal mates

  • Women of about 5’7” and shorter consider the ideal height of a man to be 5’11”
  • Women taller than 5’8” consider the ideal male height to be taller than 6’1”

Many people do not have a height preference, however, and feel that there is no such thing as being too short or too tall. 

4 stretching exercises to help with growth

1. Forward bend

  • Stand upright with your arms straight up.
  • Without bending your knees, gently lower your hands until they touch your toes.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat 10 times a day.

2. Bar hanging

  • Use a solid, powerful bar 7 feet above the ground. 
  • Stand straight with your arms straight up and hang from the bar, using your upper body muscles.
  • Hold this position for 20 seconds.
  • Repeat 3-4 times a day.

3. Cobra stretch

  • Lay down on your stomach, with your legs extended. 
  • Take a deep breath and lift your chest and abdomen, putting your weight on your palms.
  • Stay in this position for 30 seconds before slowly exhaling. 
  • Do this 4-5 times a day.

4. Wall stretch

  • Begin by facing a wall and placing your hands flat on it.
  • Place your right leg forward with your heel flat and knees slightly bent.
  • Next, extend your left leg as far back as possible and rest against the wall
  • Each stretch should last between 15-30 seconds.


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Medically Reviewed on 7/7/2022


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