How Do You Fix Ejaculation Problems?

How Do You Fix Ejaculation Problems?

Fixing ejaculation problems

Talk to your doctor: The first step to fixing your ejaculation problems is talking to your doctor. You usually have some control over when you ejaculate. If you feel like you are losing this control, you may be experiencing premature ejaculation. Your doctor may ask you:

  • How often do you experience ejaculation problems?
  • How long have you been dealing with this problem?
  • Does this happen every time you have sex?
  • Has the problem changed your sexual activity?
  • Does anything make the problem better or worse?

Therapy: If mental health concerns affect your ejaculation, seek out therapy to work through your feelings. Address the issues in your life that are causing stress and gain back your confidence. If premature ejaculation is adding stress to your life, talk to your therapist about how to overcome the problem.

Squeeze method: You can use this practice during sex to address premature ejaculation at the moment. When you’re close to ejaculating, you or your partner can squeeze your penis firmly to reduce your erection. This method may help you become more aware of when you will ejaculate, leading to increased control over your orgasm.

Stop-start method: With this practice, you stop stimulation close to the time of ejaculation. Pause until the urge to climax releases and then begin again. Repeat this method three times during sex and then ejaculate on the fourth climax. Using this method consistently can also help to extend ejaculation over time as you gain more control.

Prescriptions: If these methods don’t work, your doctor may prescribe a numbing cream or spray. These products can help extend your ejaculation by removing some of the sensations in your penis. Make sure you apply the cream five to ten minutes before sex and wipe it off before intercourse. Otherwise, the numbing spray or cream may also make your partner numb.

There are no oral medications approved to treat ejaculation problems. Still, some doctors prescribe antidepressants to address ejaculation problems. Because these medications help with your body’s chemical balance, they may increase your serotonin levels.

Results to expect

The methods covered in this article will work for 95% of men. It’s important to relax and not allow ejaculation problems to affect your mental health too much. Ejaculation problems can happen occasionally, but that doesn’t mean you have a larger issue. If you continue to experience ejaculation problems, talk to your doctor about your concerns.