Does Weightlifting Help Women Lose Weight?

Does Weightlifting Help Women Lose Weight?

Does Weightlifting Help Women Lose Weight?

Weightlifting may lead to a higher resting metabolic rate and more calories burnt each day.

Yes, weightlifting does help women lose weight. It is a misconception that cardio training is much more effective for weight loss in women.

  • It is a common myth that weightlifting bulks up muscle mass.
  • Weightlifting can assist women to slim down, preventing age-related muscle loss, and losing weight.
  • Aside from the obvious physical benefits, lifting weights can help bone health and metabolism.

You may begin weightlifting at any age. Do not be afraid to take up those weights and get in shape. To avoid injuries, make sure you focus on good form and technique.

Older women should lift weights to be healthy and avoid degenerative illnesses, such as osteoporosis. Lifting weights in your 40s and 50s may significantly improve your health and fitness. You will be able to battle age-related muscle loss, lower your risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, prevent chronic disease, and enhance your quality of life.

How does weightlifting help women lose weight?

Weightlifting, like any other type of exercise, can help you lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume each day to maintain a calorie deficit.

Lifting weights provides a distinct weight reduction benefit that distinguishes it from other kinds of exercise for weight loss. Lifting weights helps you gain muscle and reduce fat. The muscle tissue that has been lifting weight burns more calories even when at rest for hours after exercise. So, as you gain muscle, your body will burn more calories at rest than it did before you gained muscle.

  • Muscle is more metabolically active than fat.
  • So, the more muscle you build, the more calories you burn, keeping the fat off more likely.
  • Weight training can be especially beneficial for women to reduce stubborn body fat in the back or abdomen.

Weightlifting may lead to a higher resting metabolic rate (your metabolism while sitting or sleeping) and more calories burnt each day. Despite long-held misconceptions, it is not a huge difference, but it does assist.

Lifting weights is not a quick fix for losing weight; you must maintain a calorie deficit over time. So, if you are lifting every day but consuming more calories than you burn, you will not get the results you desire. You must not overdo the muscle training because it can injure the muscle fibers.


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7 other benefits of weightlifting in women

  1. Builds muscle
    • As women age, the muscle mass reduces, and this causes weight gain. Lifting weights builds and shapes muscle, weightlifting puts extra strain on your muscles, causing the tissue to break down faster. This activates the body’s reaction to clean up and mend the tissue, resulting in muscular growth (hypertrophy), as well as increased strength and endurance.
    • Calisthenics exercises are done solely based on your body weight. These exercises help muscles grow stronger when they are subjected to more stress and worked harder. To push your muscles to the point of change, you should exercise them to fatigue them regularly.
    • Women do not usually develop bulky muscles through strength training because women have lower testosterone levels than men. Young women typically have about 10 percent of the testosterone that men have. As a result, women will build muscle tone and structure without gaining weight.
  2. Protects musculoskeletal system
    • Weightlifting helps develop muscles and bone density. This lowers the likelihood of fractures and shattered bones. It strengthens connective tissues and promotes joint stability, which prevents injury.
    • Weightlifting can help promote spinal bone density, resulting in a strong and healthy spine. This, together with proper dietary calcium, might be a woman’s best defense against osteoporosis. It can help correct poor posture and develop a strong back and core. This prevents lower back discomfort.
  3. Reduces the risk of chronic illnesses
    • Weightlifting can assist to enhance cardiovascular health by reducing bad cholesterol and boosting good cholesterol, which lowers blood pressure. Weight training as part of your regimen will help improve the way your body processes sugars and refined carbs, perhaps lowering your risk of diabetes.
  4. Increases energy
    • Endorphins, which improve mood and energy, are released by exercise. Long bouts of cardiovascular exertion, however, might deplete the body’s energy reserves. Lifting weights for 30 to 60 minutes will give you more energy to go through the day.
  5. Improves athletic performance
    • A stronger physique may benefit other sports by increasing power, speed, agility, and endurance. Weightlifting will assist the body to adapt to conditions encountered during sport and in everyday life. Consider creating a training regimen that combines both aerobic and strength training.
    • Weightlifting is one of the most effective strategies to strengthen the core, legs, lower back, and upper body. This, in turn, improves a woman’s capacity to complete daily tasks at work and home.
  6. Reduces stress
    • Focus and concentration are required to weightlift. It works well to relieve stress and anxiety. Endorphins, which are released during activity, improve mood. This helps redirect your attention away from other health issues, prevents pain, and fights depression.
    • Studies report that low to moderate intensity resistance training generates the most consistent and durable reductions in anxiety and stress. Furthermore, women who strength train frequently attain a healthy body, and eventually they feel more confident and capable.
  7. Promotes better sleep quality
    • The body requires rest after exercise to rejuvenate. As a result, if you have difficulties falling asleep or want to increase the quality of your sleep, you should try weightlifting. The vigorous activity might help calm the body into a deeper sleep, which is required to heal.

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