8 Ways to Think Like a Thin Person

8 Ways to Think Like a Thin Person

Do you believe that you’ll only start thinking like a thin person once you’ve attained your weight goals? But why should you have to wait so long? You can think thin now and get rid of your unhealthy mindset.

The general social conception is that thin is beautiful. Because of this, when you think thin, you instantly feel more confident in your appearance. You can wear your favorite outfit without wondering how your stomach will look or take a picture from a certain angle without worrying it will make your face look too wide or your hips too flat.

These 8 ways to think thin will help you reset your brain.


How often have you pretended to be interested in something someone is saying or enjoying a party you desperately want to leave? You can do the same with thinking thin. When you pretend to yourself, a new behavior pattern will evolve.

It will eventually help you see yourself as thin. Think of public speakers. They often have to pretend to be fully confident. After doing this a few times, they get the hang of it and have no trouble getting up on stage.

You can do the same with thinking thin too.

Restructure your thoughts

Often, people think of weight loss or exercise as a form of punishment. But it’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Losing weight is not only good for boosting your self-esteem but also lowers your risk of many diseases, such as heart problems.

Restructure your thought pattern to view weight loss in a positive light. Think of it as something you’re doing for yourself. Soon, you’ll look forward to your time in the gym.

Reason with your emotions

You understand your emotions best. So, you also know when your thoughts are true and when they’re just speculations. Remind yourself that just because you think something doesn’t make it accurate.

For example, you may think your stomach bulges in a dress you want to wear. But does it really?

It may take time, but once you teach yourself how to separate your thoughts from reality, you’ll find yourself with a much more positive approach towards how you look.

Set short-term goals

If you have one long-term goal of losing 30 pounds, you’ll have difficulty thinking thin. You won’t be able to think thin unless you’ve reached that goal. It’s not a very impactful or healthy way to approach weight loss.

Instead, break your weight loss plan into smaller goals.

For example, tell yourself that you have to lose two pounds by the end of this week. When you get on the scale and see that you’ve reached your goal, it will ultimately make you think of yourself as two pounds thinner.


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If you have negative thoughts about how you look or struggle to maintain a good relationship with food, keep a journal. You can write about your feelings or eating habits.

It will help you get your feelings out on paper. At the same time, it will allow you to see your progress, especially if you keep a daily log.

Don’t forget the rest of you

You’re more than what you weigh. That’s something we often tend to forget in our quest to lose weight. People with body image issues often end up with stress and anxiety.

To prevent this, remind yourself that there’s a lot more to you than your weight. If you journal, write about your daily accomplishments. Keep track of any skills you may be learning, such as playing the guitar or painting.

Find alternatives to food for stressful situations

Binge eating becomes a significant problem for people who struggle to keep a healthy relationship with food. Remind yourself that food is not the only way to deal with a stressful situation.

Make a list of all the other things you enjoy. For instance, you might love reading books in the park or hiking. Don’t rely on food to make your worries go away. Instead, do other things you know will cheer you up.

Visualize situations

Sometimes, it’s hard to make decisions on the spot or under pressure.

That could lead to poor decision-making, especially with food. Think about these situations beforehand. “See” yourself in these situations and decide what you would do.

For instance, if you’re going out with your friends, visualize yourself eating a healthy meal rather than a toppings-laden pizza. This will allow you to eat like a thin person and think like one too.

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